Apple Announces New iPad Pro, Macbook Air, and Mac Mini

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Apple Announces New iPad Pro, Macbook Air, and Mac Mini

Today, on October 30th, Apple hosted one of their periodic product announcement events at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. During this event, they showed the public their updated iPad Pro, Macbook Air, Mac Mini, as well as other new features and programs. While the main focus of these types of events is to show up new products to reviewers and the public, there is also a fair bit of marketing that goes into these events.

Apple has always been a cultural marketing king. Their widespread fame and success can be largely attributed to their ability to create a strong brand image that permeates into the lifestyles, values, and viewpoints of their consumers. Apple began this trend many years ago and Steve Jobs laid the foundations of this titanic marketing effort. Apple has always strived to make themselves appear “hip” and interesting to typically more affluent, environmentally conscious, and early adopting audience. Using classical music, minimalistic advertising, and a lot of artistic branding, Apple was able to take over a dominant position in their various markets as a “cool, hi-tech” brand.

While their iPhone announcement events tend to target a broad audience, releases of new, larger computer hardware tend to be more targeted to specific audiences. Apple has always sought after the target demographic of young professionals, designers, musicians, and artists. This is particularly true for their iPad Pro, which is almost entirely marketed as a tool for creative professionals.

But while targeting products to a demographic is certainly nothing new, it is interesting to note how cohesive Apple made the entire event so as to match their overall brand. Hosting the event in a cultural landmark known for very chic performances, Apple wanted even the venue to reflect their marketing aims. Further, invitations to the event were sent out by physical letter, each marked with a custom artistic rendition of the Apple logo. Through all of this, Apple was attempting to show its connection with the creative industries, further building their reputation as a company of artists AND engineers.

While sales have only begun today, it will be interesting to see how these new products perform and to be better able to analyze the effectiveness of Apple’s marketing strategy.

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