Atlanta Announces New Overwatch Team

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Atlanta Announces New Overwatch Team

With news dropping over the summer that Cox Communications had purchased an Overwatch League spot from Blizzard for $40 Million, fans all over the state of Georgia were eagerly waiting to learn more about the team. This past week it was announced on Twitter that the team would be called ATL Reign with their signature hashtag being #LetItReign. The Twitter account accrued thousands of fans daily since it’s inception a few weeks ago, and it continuously engages with those who tweet at them.

ATLReign understands that they have entered a market a year late, and are doing a great job to recruit new passionate fans for their team. One of the things they have done is create Content Friday where they let fans tag team inspired art and merchandise that they have created. ATLReign then retweets and shares many of these fan submitted pieces with acknowledgement of their work. This has been a pretty successful venture that absolutely creates brand loyalty from fans that love to be recognized by their team.

After continuously teasing information about their roster, ATLReign finally dropped a hype video showcasing all the members of their new Overwatch Team. The video itself is a tease as the player Dafran, someone the fans have wanted to know about for weeks, is finally announced after an initial pause that would lead you to believe the video is over. If they continue to wide this wave of hype and keep interacting with their audience, ATLReign has a chance to become one of the most well known brands in the Overwatch League.

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