Chick-fil-a’s winnning marketing

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Chick-fil-a’s winnning marketing

Chick-fil-a has always been on top on customer engagement through their marketing. Compared to other fast food restaurants, they offer more coupons, promotions and in-store events for the loving customers. Best of all they are winning at the marketing game.

So what makes CFA’s marketing different than other restaurants? First of all they utilize social media. Many individual store locations have their own Instagram accounts, Facebook pages, and more in combination with the main official company pages. Depending on the location, many offers promotions exclusive to their social media followers. For instance, the Beechwood, Barnett Shoals location has an offer this week for a free breakfast item with any mobile order. It is engaging for the customers and by having accounts for each location, posts can be more personalized to gain the viewers’ attention. For instance, all of the Athens locations accounts cheer on the Dawgs, another great way of gaining a loyal customer base.

Another way Chick-fil-a is so successful is through their promotional texts. Depending on the restaurant’s location, many send out weekly texts offering BOGO’s and free items. Offering a deal is a great way to bring a customer in and make them even more loyal to the brand. Who doesn’t love a free biscuit in the morning?

Finally CFA is great at hosting events for their customers. Different locations host different events. In Athens, certain locations host college nights where students can enjoy food, enter giveaways and enjoy time with their friends. In other locations, families can enjoy family night. CFA even hosts princess nights and character night where kids can meet their favorite characters and come dressed up in costumes.

Chick-fil-a always has had such a good loyal customer base, through their tasty food and excellent service. With their strong marketing efforts, they continue to make customers happy and stand out against competitors.



John Sanders

John Sanders

October 30, 2018at 2:59 pm

I agree, I think Chick-fil-a does some of the best marketing of all fast food chains, and many restaurants in general. They seem to be in tune with their target market, being more involved on social and digital, and doing less radio and television advertising. I do love the chick-fil-a cows on the billboards and I think those are some of the most effective billboards on the streets. I am curious to see how the new downtown location takes advantage of their prime territory downtown. Living about a block away, I really hope they have similar deals and promotions as the other Athens locations.

Chase Smedley

Chase Smedley

October 30, 2018at 3:07 pm

This was a great topic choice that tied in with our lecture on hyperlocal marketing strategies well. I think CFA does a great job initiating community engagement through some of the local events you touched on. CFA has a time tested strategy which proves they truly understand who they are and what they seek to accomplish.

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