Despite Doubling Character Limit, Tweets Remain Short

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Despite Doubling Character Limit, Tweets Remain Short

Last year, Twitter doubled its character limit on Tweets from 140 to 280. Naturally, people expected this increased character limit to result in longer Tweets, but data recently released from Twitter tells a different story. Since the 280 character limit policy went into effect, just 14% of Tweets have been longer than 140 characters and only 1% of Tweets hit the 280 character limit. Despite the new limit, the average length of a Tweet remains around just 34 characters.

Clearly, Twitter is still a platform that thrives on brevity. Brands need to keep this in mind when they use the platform to promote their products. Twitter users are used to posting and consuming short-form content. If brands attempt to take advantage of Twitter’s increased character limit and post longer form Tweets, they risk annoying and alienating users who prefer shorter posts.

Additionally, the increased character limit has resulted in fewer posts that incorporate “text speak” in order to conform to character requirements. Brands should be aware of this language shift and avoid using “text speak” whenever possible.


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