Dove and Steven Universe

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Dove and Steven Universe

Dove recently took their self-esteem project in a new, unusual direction. They paired with the Animated TV Show, Steven Universe.
For those who don’t know, Steven Universe is an Emmy nominated Cartoon about a boy named Steven and Humanoid alien’s called the Crystal Gems, who fight to protect the earth. The show has been lauded for its diversity in gender, body types, and race, as well as its handling of complex issues such as LGBT identities, toxic relationships, anxiety, and consent.

The project is broken up into Episodes which each cover a different aspect of Body Confidence and are paired with several blog posts going more indept about each concept and giving parents more specific information based on their childs age or specific problems. There is also a music video featuring characters from Steven Universe.

The feel of the videos is really earnest and candid considering they are animated rather than real people. The characters often times break the barrier between on-camera and off with cut, scencery distruction, line malfunctions, and showing the “production crew and equipment”.

The first episode covers Teasing and bullying from the perspective of both the bullied and the bully.

The second episode covers comparing bodies and how we all have different abilities.

The third episode discusses media portrayial of beauty and social media’s impact on body image.


This campaign is a wonderful way for parents to open dicussion on the complex issue of Body Confidence. It is truely an inspired pairing. I think the use of video format followed up by blogs and dicussion and resource guides is an excellent way to achieve the goal of the campaign.


For more watch this Short Video from Mic.

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Devon Artis

Devon Artis

October 30, 2018at 1:10 pm

I had no idea that these two had paired up, and thank you for sharing such a concept! I feel as though the decision to match more important and serious type topics with a more lighthearted setting proves to be a successful combination. I agree with you that Dove placing these more controversial topics into the Steven’s Universe Universe will provide a prime outlet for parents to watch and discuss in real time with their kids in order to get difficult ideas across in a way that kids may not realize is actually happening in the moment; which could really assist a lot of families.

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