Dress Down for the Dawgs brings Athens together

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Dress Down for the Dawgs brings Athens together

Who wouldn’t want to partner with the smiling faces of kids and adults in Extra Special People (ESP)?

This fall, Tailgate, a retail store in Athens, has partnered with ESP to create a campaign called “Dress Down for the Dawgs,” and it is genius. The idea is to celebrate individuals with Down Syndrome by dressing “down” for each football game. To spread the word, Tailgate has provided a few options:

  • Wear a t-shirt to a home game
  • Buy a Dress Down for the Dawgs button
  • Buy the official t-shirt from Tailgate and donate 10% to ESP
  • Post and use the hashtag #dressdownforthedawgs
  • Invite social groups to join in

This campaign was certainly bigger than just brand awareness, but the local involvement did provide an opportunity for those in Athens to become more aware of individuals with down syndrome and partner with ESP in other efforts. Though it was not the main priority, the campaign also increased brand awareness for Tailgate as people would come to the store for buttons or t-shirts or see the hashtag on social media platforms. Overall, this campaign is special in the way it celebrates and unifies people while also informing a community on a couple different brands.


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Haley Mitchell

Haley Mitchell

October 30, 2018at 10:20 am

I saw your post and it made me smile!! I have had the privilege of volunteering for Extra Special People for a little over a year now and it has absolutely been the best time of my life. You were certainly right when you said this campaign is special! It has allowed other organizations on campus to learn more about people with down syndrome and participate in an incredible movement. This campaign has brought more volunteers to ESP and has for sure brought more college students to Tailgate. Overall this campaign has succeeded and I can’t wait to see how much it continues to grow!

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