Frank Ocean – Marketing by Omission

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Frank Ocean – Marketing by Omission

Frank Ocean is an enigmatic character in music. His music is generally lauded as some of the best r&b of the decade, spawning an extremely devoted and passionate fanbase. Normally, in the modern era of music and social media, artists would actively post on social media about their future projects, to update fans on their daily lives, and just general interaction with the public.

Frank Ocean essentially just ignores all channels of social media. And it works (for him).

Frank Ocean doesn’t have a verified public twitter, facebook, instagram or youtube account. The only (known) social media account he runs that is public is his tumblr page, . He occasionally posts pictures and short paragraphs about essentially anything except his next musical project. It is also presumed he runs the Instagram account Blonded, but the page is private, meaning nobody can view his posts, of which he has over 300 on this account. This could mean he plans on making this account public in time, or he simply wants a place to upload pictures only he can view.

Essentially, Frank’s aversion to the public eye spreads even through social media, and it works for him. His out-of-the-public-eye persona compliments his music well, and in a way his fans not being able to see his personality through social media demonstrates a significant portion of his personality.

What do you think about this lack of social media presence for a widely popular artist? Is it just stupid and he’s missing out on ways to expand/inform his audience? Or does it work well to create the persona he’s aiming for?

Also i guarantee im the biggest Frank stan in class. thats a fact


Savannah Watson

Savannah Watson

October 30, 2018at 1:41 pm

I think he is a very inspiring artist and his lack of online presence complements his music. It makes it seem more genuine. I think it is his own personal choice and I respect that. I don’t think many artists could pull this off and become as popular as he is without social media so it is definitely a rare accomplishment.

Ashley Patterson

Ashley Patterson

October 30, 2018at 2:09 pm

I loveeee Frank Ocean. Luckily I got to see him in concert before he began canceling a lot of his performances and changing album release dates. I don’t know why Frank is able to get away with zero social media presence and also keep a huge fan base. He clearly is very talented and that’s why people are still interested but many artists before him have fallen off the radar with similar circumstances. I think when he claimed to be releasing an album and then changed the date to roughly a year later and then out of the blue dropped “blonde” it created enough confusion to increase his fan base, so that was a good marketing strategy whether he intended for it to be or not.

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