Movie Review: State of Play

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Movie Review: State of Play

This week I was trying to find an exciting movie to watch and stumbled across “State of Play.” I expected this movie to be pretty decent as it contained a star-studded cast including Ben Affleck, Rachel McAdams, and Russell Crowe. This movie follows Ben Affleck’s character, Stephen Collins, a rising congressman who is in line to be his party’s next presidential nominee. At the start of the movie Collins is leading a committee in the investigation of a secretive private military company and is prepared to release information about the company to the public when his lead researcher is suddenly found dead from an apparent suicide. As things begin to unravel Collins reaches out to his old college roommate, Cal McAffrey(Russell Crowe) a journalist for the Washington Globe. McAffrey begins to work with Collins to help find the truth behind the mysterious death of the researcher and uncover what the secretive military company is doing behind the scenes. The journey to find out what is really going on lasts throughout the whole movie and truly does keep you on the edge of your seat the whole time. This movie took me by surprise as it was full with twists and turns that no one would see coming. The acting by Ben Affleck, Rachel McAdams, and Russell Crowe was incredible and really helped keep me entertained throughout the movie. I highly recommend this movie to anyone that is looking for an exciting movie that will keep you guessing until the very end.

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