My Summer Internship

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My Summer Internship

How is it already the end of October? The year is almost over, and I have yet to reflect on my marketing internship from this past summer. I had the amazing opportunity to work at Salesfusion, a marketing automation company. The company sells a marketing automation platform, targeting small to mid-sized companies. If you feel like I felt just a few short months ago, you might have no idea what marketing automation does.

Anything for a marketer that can be done manually can be automated as well. Sending emails, creating lists, leading scoring, posting to social media, all takes a  big chunk out of a marketer’s day. Marketing automation exists to take some of the trivial tasks and make them automatic. Our platform specializes in email sending, lead scoring, and analytics.

I was hired as a marketing intern, and my jobs were running the company’s social media, working on some paid search research projects, and helping out with email marketing. I would create UTM parameters for email tracking and test that the URLs were working correctly. I would post to all different social channels, and at times, be responsible for creating the content to post.


Towards the end of my internship, I was offered a unique opportunity. Salesfusion allows me to work from Athens for 12 hours a week. I am still the marketing intern, but I get to work from home. I am very honored to do this, as I am still learning about the field of marketing and getting valuable experience while I’m still in school.

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