Small Town Marketing: Lessons Learned

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Small Town Marketing: Lessons Learned

Earlier this semester, I began a marketing internship for the city of Winder, GA. I knew Winder was a small town when I applied for the position, but I didn’t know just how small until I actually started working. Although the city stretches somewhat far, the downtown area is only a few blocks in each direction, and many of the businesses are small and family-run. Everyone seems to know everyone, forming a small but tight-knit community.

My job is, among other things, to manage the social media pages for the city. As an outsider, this seemed to be a somewhat daunting task. I had no idea what kind stuff went on in the small town, and it’s quietness made me worry that there would never be enough to post about. At first my fears seemed valid, because there were only two city events planned for the entire rest of the semester, and there were no announcements to post about.

However, as I started learning more about Winder, I realized that much of the city’s interest and value lies in its history. As you walk around downtown, you can see the faded images of old company logos on the sides of the brick buildings. There seem to be hints of history everywhere, and a even moderate portion of Winder’s population has lived there since they were children. The people love their town and love its past. Learning this made me realize that I had been completely ignoring the “target market” of Winder’s social media pages. I had been thinking about what I would want to see on an Athens facebook page rather than what the people of Winder wanted to see on their Facebook pages. Since then, I’ve started dedicating #throwbackthursday to Winder’s rich history. People love commenting about their own memories of Winder, and it’s a way for newcomers to learn more about their city. I’m looking forward to learning more about the place myself, and I’m sure that there are plenty more social media lessons waiting for me as I continue the job.

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