The More You Know – Instagram & Spotify

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The More You Know – Instagram & Spotify

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As many people have discovered, there are a few different ways in which you can now connect your Instagram to Spotify. This is possible through the use of Instagram’s story feature, which provides users with a variety of ways to create and share music socially. Below are three ways anyone can add music to the mix with their social posts.

1) The “Music” Story

When you swipe over into the story section of the app, multiple options appear across the bottom of the screen. These options determine the form in which the media will be created for the story. Options such as, “Normal,” “Boomerang,” or “Live” allow users to create a variety of different content types to share at limited times. The “Music” option connects with Spotify to allow individuals to search for a song, look through popular songs linked to stories, or scroll through songs grouped by mood or genre. Once a song choice has been made, users can then listen and select the 15 seconds that they want to play during their new video post. Finally, the video can be recorded with the chosen music overlayed. The song information is displayed on the screen in a rectangular box but can be re-sized and placed wherever the user wants it to appear on the screen with their video.

The “Music” Option on Instagram Stories

2) The “Music” Sticker

If users wanted a song to play over a new photo, pre-captured photo, or pre-recorded video, the “Music” sticker can be utilized. This sticker is another feature that allows Spotify to be connected to your story to add a musical element to your posts. To use the sticker, choose the media you wish to post (photo, video, text, etc.) and then open the stickers panel found in the top right corner. In the stickers panel, the “Music” sticker can be selected which will open the music search and selection screen. This screen is the same as the one used in the “Music” story option section and offers a wide variety of music that can be overlayed on top of your selected media. Simply choose a song, re-size or re-locate the sticker to fit where you want it, and then post!

The “Music” Sticker on Instagram Stories

3) Linking a Song/Podcast/Playlist

The last way in which music can be shared via Spotify on your Instagram story is actually through the Spotify app. A common thing users are doing socially now is sharing and recommending music to their friends and followers. To make this easier and more functional, Spotify and Instagram have worked together to create linking capabilities within the Spotify app. These capabilities allow you to choose the song, podcast, or playlist you are wanting to link, and then “share” it directly through an Instagram story. All you have to do is select the three little dots on the right side of the desired media within the Spotify app. This will open up the options screen, which includes a sharing option. Looking at the sharing options, an “Instagram Story” option appears. Once this is selected, the Instagram app will be opened, you will be brought directly to the story feature, and a square displaying the song or playlist information can be re-sized and re-arranged on the screen and posted to your story. The main difference between linking through the Spotify app versus through the Instagram story feature is that the audio will not actually play on the post if it is linked via the Spotify app. Instead, the information will appear, and friends and followers will have the option to click the “Play on Spotify” button on your story. This will open the Spotify app directly to the song, podcast, or playlist that was linked.

Sharing From Spotify to Instagram Stories

In the end, how you choose to link Spotify to your Instagram story is up to you. All three of these options have various impacts on the content and consumption of your story. For businesses, music linking capabilities provide the opportunity to increase the quality and interactivity of your story to consumers. With this feature gaining more and more popularity, individuals will be looking to their favorite brands to adopt these trends and use them creatively to strengthen their brand’s social image on Instagram. Try experimenting with these features and see which options work best to support your personal or professional brand with music!

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