Topshop: Growing Quickly

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Topshop: Growing Quickly

Topshop is a fast-fashion retailer based in the United Kingdom. With over 500 shops worldwide, Topshop is currently growing at rapid rates. Their main areas of expansion include the United States, Australia, and Asia. Topshop’s prices are similar to those of Zara; they have some more expensive pieces as well as very affordable basics. Topshop offers trendy clothing, shoes, makeup and accessories in over 32 different countries online. They are making efforts towards combating the bad reputation around fast-fashion, and release a Fashion Footprint Report to show what steps they have been taking to make Topshop more sustainable.

Topshop’s Instagram is currently covered by their new campaign #TopshopIT. The campaign features eight models who put together different Topshop pieces to portray their own style. It was kicked off with a contest encouraging people to upload pictures or videos to their Instagram stories in order to win a giftcard. This campaign encourages their followers to not only purchase new products, but also post it on their social media accounts to reach a much larger customer base. The campaign has a very distinct look: the pictures and videos are branded with “Knit IT,” “Move IT,” “Layer IT,” etc. to show consumers different approaches to their new product line. The campaign seems slightly overbearing. All of the posts have a feel that make them seem like advertising. Before the launch of the IT campaign, I probably would have followed their account, but now it seems like a bunch of advertisements.

Before the IT campaign, they posted a lot of fashion inspiration photos. They have the average photo of their product on models, but they also use the hashtag #TopshopStyle to connect their followers. People can post a photo with the hashtag for a chance to be featured on Topshop’s Instagram account. Most of their posts include product tagging, so consumers can easily navigate to that specific product on their website. They post very few videos, and they are typically used to introduce a new product line. Their feed is very branded; all of their posts are colorful and bright. Their feed is dedicated 100% to fashion. They do not offer any entertainment like memes or inspirational quotes. They use Instagram stories to promote their new IT campaign as well as to inform customers about different promotions or contests. They also IGTV to promote their new campaign as well as address topics like pride.

Overall, I do not think I would give Topshop a follow. I have only visited one of their shops within a Nordstrom’s, and their products seem like low quality for the price. Their feed feels more like an advertising platform as opposed to a platform for inspiration and a community. With 9.6 million followers and about 5,000-15,000 likes per post, they still have some work to do if they want to build an experience on their Instagram that followers want to be a part of.

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