Union LA X Air Jordan

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Union LA X Air Jordan

Throughout 2018 the Air Jordan 1 has been one of the most popular shoes. The classic silhouette has been used over and over again, with many different color ways being incorporated into the mix. Many fans of the classic basketball shoe have started to get annoyed by this because it seems that the shoe is being forced. People feel that Jordan has taken a more quantity over quality approach towards the shoe.

However, Union LA, a fashion boutique out of Los Angelas is delivering a Jordan 1 that is very worthy of the hype. Last week, Union LA posted a video on their Instagram in order to get the word out about the upcoming collaboration. In the video, the Union LA worker has a tent set up at the Rose Bowl Flee Market where he was selling Union LA apparel and shoes. Showcased in the front were the two Air Jordan 1’s that no one had seen before. Almost all of the customers, including famous designer Sean Wotherspoon, questioned the worker about whether the sneakers were fake or why they had never seen before. The video is attached below.

The sneaker comes in these two color ways

Personally, I love the collaboration. Unions vintage rendition on the Air Jordan 1 looks amazing in both color ways. I am very impressed by Unions use of the Instagram platform to get their sneaker news out there. The two color ways release on November 17th, and they are a must buy.


Michael Rizza

Michael Rizza

October 30, 2018at 1:39 pm

Definitely an interesting way for them to release a new silhouette. Surely with Sean in the mix of the video this is going to get picked up by new sources like Hypebeast and Complex soon. I’m sure it’ll put Union’s name higher up now!

Cole Greenberg

Cole Greenberg

October 30, 2018at 3:10 pm

As a sneaker head, this article caught my eye because I’ve always been a fan of Air Jordan’s. This new collaboration looks neat and I will definitely check it out when it hits the market. Jordan has a strong following and they do a really good job of marketing their sneakers and other products.

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