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I previously watched Chef a few years ago but forgot what it was about until I decided to watch it again. I love cooking and love baking therefore I knew I was interested in this movie.

Carl Casper is a Miami-born chef who works at Gauloise in California. Carl gets the chance to prove his talents during a visit from critic and blogger Ramsey Michel. Restaurant owner Riva demands that Carl sticks to old menu items instead of branching out and creating a new creative menu for the critic. This leads to a horrible review causing Carl to reach out on Twitter and come up with an inspirational new menu and challenges Ramsey to a “rematch”. Riva finds out and gets furious and demands that he still continues to stick to the “old” menu therefore Carl quits out of frustration. Ramsey goes to Twitter again to bash Carl about quitting, this frustrates Carl and he decides to go to the restaurant and publicly embarrass and yell at Ramsey.

This was not a good look for Carl. First, he quits and gets publicly ridiculed on Twitter and then he causes a scene at his old restaurant causing viral videos of the meltdown go public. This is when the hostess, Molly, and ex-wife, Inez, convince him to open his own food truck that allows him to make and design his own food. He takes a trip to Miami where he re-discovers his love and passion for Cuban food. He then proceeds to get his hands on a old food truck that him and his son, Percy, restore. Carl, Percy, and Martin drive the food truck across the country serving top-quality Cuban sandwiches and yuca fries. They use social media to post where they are, where they are going, and daily specials to drive people to come to the food truck. In the end, they ended up succeeding and become extremely popular off of a food tuck.

I really enjoyed this movie because it was thrilling to see them fail and then get back up and succeed in an even bigger way. It was a fun family movie that was a very good movie. I would suggest this movie to others and probably watch again in the future.

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