“Chef” Review

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“Chef” Review

Jon Favreau directs, writes, and stars in “Chef,” alongside a loaded cast that also includes Scarlett Johansson, Sofia Vergara, and Robert Downey Jr. The plot is centered around redemption and the power of social media. Favreau’s character, Carl, works at a restaurant in Los Angeles.

Carl clashes with the restaurant owner, Riva, about what to serve a notable food critic. The owner wants Carl to stick to the menu, while Carl wants to serve innovative dishes. After a disastrous experience, the critic, Ramsey, writes a horrendous review.

Carl makes the regrettable mistake to aggressively reply on Twitter, and the tweet quickly goes viral. After continued tension with both the owner and critic, Carl hits rock bottom and quits. He opens a food truck and rekindles his love for cooking again.

Social media is used to promote the Cuban inspired dishes, and the truck is a hit. Ultimately, the plot comes full circle as the critic eventually finances a restaurant with Carl as the head chef. Throughout the plot, Carl restores his broken family life as well.

While some plot aspects may seem too good to be true, the plot delivers a clear message of perseverance, learning from mistakes, and always following your passion. The film is entertaining, and now I’m starving because of the food.

From a marketing standpoint, the film showcases the power of social media and one’s digital footprint. The Internet never forgets. Going viral for the wrong reasons can be disastrous for brands and individuals alike.

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