Movie Review: The Internship

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Movie Review: The Internship

My initial draw to the internship was the lead roles of Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. Although the movie was nothing like wedding crashers I really enjoyed it. The start shows the two having to find a new job after their company selling watches closed because they could no longer keep up with new technologies, especially with selling on the internet. This is relevant because a lot of older employees will be layed off because their positions are no longer relevant and competitive. This relates to the book Disrupted: My Misadventure in the Start-Up Bubble where Dan Lyons tells his true account of this. The movie goes on to the two getting internships at Google. When they arrive, not only are they the oldest of the interns, but they know the least about technology. They are put with a group to create an app and become the outcasts of the group. However, as the movie progresses they learn not only can they learn about the new age of technology from the younger generation but that the younger generation can learn from them as well. Not only from a business stand-point but about life. I really enjoyed this movie cause it was funny and well done but especially after reading Dan Lyons book because I learned that this is happening in the real world and could effect the working world for us all.

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