The Internship Movie Review

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The Internship Movie Review

The final film I watched was The Internship. This movie stars Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, two recently fired men in their middle age who land a summer internship at Google and must compete for full-time jobs. The duo is ostracized from most of the other interns due to their age and unconventional methods and manners. However, through the course of the summer, they along with a bunch of other young interns, start dominating the challenges. The group learn from each other and overcoming tribulations to win the Google competition and earn permanent employment.
The overarching theme of this movie is clear. It speaks to how you are never too old to learn from younger than you and vice versa. This is relatable in the professional world as we see many mature marketers scrambling to learn the newest social media trends. Conversely, experienced marketers have so much wisdom to pass down to their proteges. This symbiotic relationship is more than worthwhile.

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