The Internship: Movie Review

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The Internship: Movie Review

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The Internship stars Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn (their only co-starring movie since wedding crashers). They are two salesmen who get laid off after a successful career in sales due to the digital takeover. Determined to keep up with the times and adapt, they apply for job at Google despite their extreme lack of credentials. The internship is feel good movie that, while unrealistic at times, does make some really good points about the current state of jobs. As someone currently searching for a full time job and someone who recently went through the internship hunt (as I know most of us here have been), I relate firsthand to many of the themes this movie expresses. For example, the interns at Google make the point that the job hunt is co competitive these days, you can do everything right and still remain unemployed upon graduation. This movie also repeatedly shows how important being tech savvy is in the digital age if you  want to succeed in business. Considering the movie was made five years ago, the themes it touches upon are even more relevant now. I wish that this movie would have had a little more depth (the charachter and story arcs among the younger interns remained shallow and surface level), but overall I would watch this again!


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