Chef Movie Review

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Chef Movie Review

The 2014 film, Chef, is a heart-warming family film about chasing your passion and staying true to your core beliefs. The story begins with Carl, an incredibly creative chef, being constantly challenged and restricted as he works as the head chef of a top restaurant in California. He is given two chances to cook for a prestigious critic, with both the boring traditional recipes of the restaurant and a personal menu of his own, yet he fails to impress both times. He then becomes unintentionally famous through his angry tweets at the critic and a viral video of him confronting the food critic in public.

The public outbursts and rebellion against the confines of his old job initially seems like a setback, but they turn out to be the best thing to help him discover his destiny. He is able to move back home to Miami, become closer to his son, and start up his own business out of a food truck. His love for food, exploring, and family is all ignited through working on his food truck. He is given a second chance both in his love life with his ex wife and through the food critic, who helps him start a successful restaurant.

Carl’s resilience is what allows him to stay focused and follow his passion the way he always dreamed instead allowing someone else to take control. He also is funny example of how no publicity is bad publicity, because his lowest moments seen on social media, are what helped him reach a better situation and get a pretty nice following.


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