Chef Movie Review

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Chef Movie Review

Although I did not expect this movie to be entertaining, I was very pleasantly surprised by the plot. As opposed to any other movie pertaining to social media and the digital age, they took a twist on the split in generations.

The story follows a very popular LA chef through his journey. He begins as a very respected chef until a bad review comes out where he then learns about twitter. Chef Carl is then introduced to twitter where he accidentally writes a mean response to the critic thinking it was a private direct message. He instantly goes viral and then continues going viral after blowing up in the critics face at the restaurant.

Twitter could have been the en dot his career, but he finally decides to buy a food truck and take it from Miami to LA. On the way, his son documented everything they were doing and where they were stopping next and posting it all on Twitter. Chef Carl was lucky that his son was documenting everything because it was the only way people would know where he was and to come get his food. Because of twitter, he was able to have an enormous amount of customers everywhere he went. This then helped his reputation and resulted in the earlier critic offering to invest in business with him.

The story all revolves around the power of social media. It emphasizes how quickly things has trend and people find out. It also shows how it is a social platform in which everyone across the country can interact and follow. The movie was created in 2014, so it would be interesting to see how an updated 2018/2019 version of the movie would play out.

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