Movie Review 3: The Intern

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Movie Review 3: The Intern

Retirement is not all it’s cracked up to be, and in the movie The Intern, this is all too apparent. The movie centers around Robert Di Nero’s Ben Whittaker, a retired, well off businessman who finds retirement to be less interesting than he had hope. To alleviate his boredom, he decides to apply for a “Senior Intern Program” that places older, retired individuals back into new companies as interns. Ben is placed working with Jules (played by Anne Hathaway), an energetic, successful, and hardworking CEO of a premier startup fashion company. Though at first Jules struggles to trust Ben, over time they develop a trusting relationship where Ben is able to advise her in problems she faces both professionally and personally.

When I first started watching The Intern, I initially expected to dislike it. Having seen a lot of movies that use an age difference between characters for gags, I was concerned that the movie would be too gimmicky and use a lot of overdone tropes. However, I was surprised to see that the movie avoided most of the common pitfalls. While they still had gags about the Old People Don’t Understand Kids trope, they were short lived, and the age gap between the characters wasn’t a central part of the plot.

Further, I liked that the relationship between Ben and Jules did not become a typical Father-Daughter dynamic. Instead, they showed each having respect for one another as people and professionals. Though Ben does give out advice to Jules, it felt a lot more like a peer-to-peer relationship instead of a Teacher and his Student. Avoiding these common tropes helped the movie to feel a lot more engaging, and I found it be equal parts funny and cute.

While The Intern is not a perfect movie, I found it to enjoyable. While it plays on a concept used in other films, the movie remains fresh and interesting throughout.






Kylie Zamer

Kylie Zamer

November 1, 2018at 2:53 pm

Great review! I felt this way as well. I was not expecting to enjoy this movie when it first began, but felt very good by the end of it.

Xayla Wilson

Xayla Wilson

November 1, 2018at 3:07 pm

Loved reading this review, it was a great film!

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