Movie Review #3: The Social Network

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Movie Review #3: The Social Network

The Social Network is a very eye-opening film. I had no idea that Mark Zuckerberg caused so many problems while creating Facebook. His demeanor seems competitive and malicious at times. It’s amazing that a site that has practically took over the world was started by two college students who just expected the site to cater to Harvard students. Although I do not think they intentionally did this, I feel like Facebook spread so quickly due to its original artificial scarcity. When Facebook opened up to other universities, students wanted to join because they had heard about it being used at Harvard and wanted to finally be a part of it.

Zuckerberg does not seem like the typical entrepreneur. He required very little money to initially start the site, and didn’t even dedicate his full attention to it. It was also interesting to see how ideas can mean virtually nothing unless you act on them. The Winklevoss twins originally thought of the idea, but Zuckerberg beat them to it. When they sued Zuckerberg, they received a hefty amount of money, but nothing can compare to the fame and success that Zuckerberg has achieved.

Currently, some people would find it hard to live without Facebook. They are on the site multiple times a day and it is their main source of news. The Social Network displays how what seemed to be a little idea eventually consumed the entire nation. I think the Social Network was a good movie because it was honest, it did not hide any of the details of Zuckerberg’s personality and actions, and shows how competitive internet startups really are. If you were Mark Zuckerberg, how could you not be competitive?

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