Movie Review: Chef

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Movie Review: Chef

A lot of movies that revolve around the benefits of social media for business seem to have the same component of bridging that divide between the digital age and older age groups. Chef did this in one of the most creative ways I’ve seen thus far. Chef is about a Carl Casper, a well-known chef at a restaurant in LA. after he gets an unfavorable review, he takes to twitter and accidentally publicly responds to the critic and then later is recorded blowing up in the critic’s face. His professionally reputation is tarnished, and his ex-wife convinces him to come to miami and start driving a food truck. With his staff, ex-wife, and son, Casper takes his food truck many places. His son, who is 10 years old, documents the food truck adventure on many different social media platforms which draws a huge crowd at each location.

Carl Casper’s food truck gains so much popularity that the critic that gave him a bad review, eventually wanted to invest in a restaurant where Carl would get creative freedom. That is something he sought for years working at the LA restaurant. Thanks to the idea of his not-so-ex-wife-anymore and the power of social media, Carl gets his family back, and fulfills his dream of combining cooking and creativity.

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