Movie Review: State of Play

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Movie Review: State of Play

State of Play was a well directed action thriller featuring Russell Crowe, Ben Affleck, Rachel McAdams and more. Directed by, Roger Ebert, the plot surrounds an ambitious news reporter, Russell Crowe, who relentlessly chases down leads to uncover a corporate scandal. Ben Affleck is a congressman who throughout the movie becomes more and more important in the scandal.

Rachel McAdams serves as a young and ambitious reporter who helps Crowe discover who is really behind the scandal. The capstone of this movie is the fantastic performance from Russell Crowe. From appearance to wording, Crowe is convincing in his role of the reporter. His acting talents were the biggest standout for me while I was watching the movie. As the movie was fantastic in itself. Crowe portrayed a reporter who was both brave, determined, and maybe even a little dumb. He constantly would push the limits of his skill and job obligations in order to discover more. The interesting part about it is that Crowe was so consistent throughout the movie. The whole time you never questioned that he was acting or portraying the character. It was more like it was actually Russell Crowe in the movie.

I had never seen State of Play before but had always heard it was a good movie. I thought the movie had a fantastic and unpredictable plot that did well in developing slowly throughout the film. Finally, Crowes performance made the movie, in that it centered around his character

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