Movie Review: The Internship Edition

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Movie Review: The Internship Edition

The Internship, staring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, is about two middle-aged gentleman that are competing for an internship at Google. They are competing against several other groups of people, and all of them have one thing in common, they are young. Once Billy and Nick are thrown into their group, they quickly realize they are out of their league. They are constantly messing up their group because they aren’t familiar with the digital age.

The gentleman end up partying with their young group members, and in turn they end up thinking of a great idea for one of their tasks at Google. Billy really messes up the group by forgetting to log his customer service calls. After this frustration, he leaves the Google competition. Nick gets Billy and eventually convinces him to come back for the final sales project. Things sort of fall into place for the group as they target a small pizzeria to run advertising with Google. It all wraps up with our favorite group winning the competition and the coveted internships in Silicon Valley.

I really enjoyed the movie, and the humor that was placed around competing for a job. They showed aspects of Google’s environment that seem to be accurate in real life. They also portrayed group work in a very realistic light – feeling frustrated at certain members, but it all coming together in the end. Overall, I recommend watching the movie for a good laugh!

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