Movie Review: You’ve Got Mail

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Movie Review: You’ve Got Mail

Oddly enough, a movie put out in 1998 is relatively familiar to experiences we have gone through in our teenage years. Kathleen Kelly played by Meg Ryan runs a children’s bookshop she inherited from her mother. When Joe Fox (Tom Hanks), owner of a gigantic corporate book chain store, comes into town, Kathleen becomes furious due to her lost business. She even tries to negatively talk down Joe’s business in a TV interview. Eventually, her business is put out by the Foxbooks chain around the corner, parts with her current boyfriend, and turns to her anonymous friend she has established a relationship with on AOL.

This anonymous friend turns out to be Joe Fox, who is currently dating a publishing executive naive to this online relationship. The 2 have done a good job of not revealing anything that would give up their identities. Through multiple scenarios, Joe figures out his AOL alias is Kathleen and is furious because he knows he must dislike her. When her shop closes down, he makes an effort to befriend her without letting him know the AOL situation. Kathleen lets him know she plans to meet NY152 (Joe) and Joe confesses that regrets his hostility and wanted to ask her out a long time ago. She figures out he is NY152 and admits the whole time she wanted it to be him.

The movie does a good job of portraying how we can so easily have a double life. It takes little effort to be someone behind a screen, and how you can affect someone’s mood with the slightest of comments. This brings about positives and negatives of social media. While the feeling of meeting someone on the Tinder app is thrilling, it can also put people in the most dangerous of situations. However, sometimes it really can work out for the best. Social media has literally put our relationships in the palm of our hands.

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