MR: Mae Go Home. You’ve joined a cult.

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MR: Mae Go Home. You’ve joined a cult.

The circle stars the brilliant Emma Watson as Mae Holland. Mae is idealistic, brilliant, and completely naive. Mae gets a job in the circle, which then destroys her relationship with her friends, family, technology, and basically indoctrinates her into a cult.

The movie would have you believe the Cult is bad because its founders are using them for power and profit. But Unlike most cults, the leaders aren’t the focus and god of the cult. Unrepentant technological connection is. Mae and her cult are responsible for her friend’s death. They are responsible for whatever future abuses incurred. Technology can’t be stopped but going into it with unrealistic ideas of the goodness of man will lead to recklessness that will be exploited.

The cult isn’t fixed. It isn’t overthrown when Mae exposes Eamon and Tom. It just has a new leader. One more dangerous. Stronger. She won’t see the dangers or own up to the consequences.

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