The Circle Movie Review

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The Circle Movie Review

I choose to watch The Circle because I really like Emma Watson and seeing how technology impacts the world. As the movie begins, it shows an almost utopian society within the confines of “the circle”. In this society, all information is shared, all information is known, and privacy essentially doesn’t exist. At first, it seems that “the circle” is the aggregation of all things good. In the circle, there were cures to diseases that changed lives, there was constant social interaction, there was a life that seemed too good to be true.

Throughout the movie, this grand idea became disillusioned. The ideas coming from the circle seem much more like an invasion of privacy than anything else. And as any good movie plays out, once one thing goes wrong, many bad things follow. After the main character, Mae, realizes that The Circle is infringing on rights, she steps up as a leader. She shares her own troubles and hardships the circle brought to her. In the end, she is able to convince everyone that she knows how to help. She stands up for what she knows to be right and leads the circle in a different direction that helps people instead of hurts them.

The Circle shows just how closely, social media, privacy, and ethics interact. It was an interesting watch, and it really touches on topics that are emerging as very important in today’s world. I would recommend.

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