The Intern: A Movie Review

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The Intern: A Movie Review

The Intern is feel-good comedy starring Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway. In this movie, we see Robert De Niro in a role that is very different from the mob boss role we typically see him in. He plays a 70-year-old retired executive named Ben, who has gotten bored of retired life and has decided to join an internship program at a digital startup company. Ben is hired and assigned to work with Jules (Anne Hathaway), the founder and CEO. Ben wins over just about everyone he encounters with his positive attitude, kindness, and wisdom. His main focus is helping Jules balance her work/home life. Ben goes to great lengths to try and help Jules, who is struggling to run the company and keep her family together.

Ben’s demeanor is a great example for all of us. When I was watching this movie I thought multiple times, “That’s the type of retired-age guy I want to be.” He is so helpful to everyone around him and he makes everyone better because of it. The way he anticipates the needs of others and takes initiative to help is exemplary.

This movie left me feeling really good. I would’ve cut it down a few minutes, as there were some subplots that seemed unnecessary to the film. Overall, this movie presents a very relatable story with a strong message of kindness and life priorities. I would definitely recommend this for a movie night date, as it will leave you feeling good and wanting to hold those you love close. 8.5/10

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Diana Garcia

Diana Garcia

November 1, 2018at 12:54 pm

Great review! I felt soo good after watching this movie. I think it might actually be my new favorite movie right after Shark Tale. Keep up the solid content!

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