The Intern Movie Review

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The Intern Movie Review

The Intern is a comedy starring Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway, two extremely well-known stars. De Niro’s role is an old, retired man named Ben who chooses to join an internship program at a tech startup company because he is bored with his retired lifestyle. Anne Hathaway stars as Jules, who is the founder and CEO of the tech startup and struggles to keep her company growing while maintaining a good work life balance.  

De Niro shines in his role as Ben and has an infectious positive attitude about work and life in general, and everyone in the company quickly realizes this. His past business experience allows him to bestow his knowledge on the young digital startup to help as they begin to market and scale their brand. He becomes a mentor and father figure for Jules, and really helps her get her life in order as the movie progresses.

In general, the movie brilliantly depicts the chaotic work and personal life of startup founders as well as the importance of maintaining a good family and work life balance. The movie makes deeper remarks about how career success often times comes at the detriment of one’s personal life and where director Nancy Meyers believes true happiness comes from: balance.

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