The Internship – Movie Review

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The Internship – Movie Review

This comedy film stars Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson who play Billy and Nick, two middle aged men both in search of a new job after being laid off. In hopes of a bright future, they decide to apply for an internship position at one of the biggest, most well-known companies in the world: Google. The program is extremely competitive and requires a rigorous application process, including breaking into groups and designing things like apps, and coming up with creative and inventive new ideas. Only one of these groups will be able to participate in their internship program.

It is very quick to see that Nick and Billy do not fit in the program very well because everyone else there is very young or fresh out of college. Being the older ones in the group, they aren’t as keen on social and digital media as everyone else is.

The movie ends with a happy ending with the group winning the competition, helping a local restaurant with advertise with Google, and earning their spots in the internship program. I really enjoyed this movie for its sense of humor and it was very interesting to see the rigorous process they went through in order to get their internship. It is also good to see people of all ages working in groups together and seeing the challenges they went through and how they resolved them on their own. I would recommend this movie for anyone looking for a quality movie to watch.

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Haley Swafford

Haley Swafford

November 1, 2018at 2:01 pm

I really enjoyed this movie too. I’ve seen it a few times now and I feel like each time I watch it, I gain a little more insight on something. Whether that be the job world, the corporate world, meshing different generations together, development of digital, or even just a smile- I always benefit from it! And you’re right, it is an awesome story line between the humor and the rigorous process of interning at a corporate place such as Google. With my review, I wrote about that key factor of mixing different generations in the job world too because it really shows how much things have changed. All in all, I would definitely recommend to anyone needing a good laugh as well.

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