The Internship Movie Review

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The Internship Movie Review

Two salesman, Billy McMahon and Nick Campbell, recently lost their careers due to their employer going out of business. Yet trying to prove their value, Billy took the bold and daring decision to apply for an internship at the Google Headquarters. Beating out a collection of highly intelligent college students, Billy and Nick received the position only to find that applying for the internship was only half of the battle. They spend the entire summer competing among other interns to gain a full-time position with Google. Despite being teamed up with the so-called reject interns, Nick and Billy’s team win the challenge and are guaranteed positions at Google. 

The Internship Takeaways 

  1. You are never too old to dream. Against all olds, Billy and Nick, the eldest applicants, applied for the Google internship, which led them to full-time positions at Google. As I learned in my Introduction to Entrepreneurship class approximately 99% of successful companies were started by a person over the age of 40. 
  2. Jealously gets you nowhere. It is okay to rely on team members for things that she or he may be more equipped at achieving. Use them as a tool to learn and grow with. For example, this occurs when Nick understands coding better than Billy. Rather than getting upset at his weakness, Billy supports Nick which inevitably helps both partners succeed. 
  3. Transform failures into opportunities. Billy and Nick lose their sales job, yet instead of being overcome by their loss, they decide to dream big and apply to Google. 

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