The Internship – Movie Review

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The Internship – Movie Review

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The Internship is a comedy film that features Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson playing two salesmen that have recently been laid and are trying out a new adventure. In search of something different, the decide to apply to for an internship position at Google. Even with a crazy interview, they were able to claim two spots in the competitive internship program. There, they were placed into a group where they competed for which team would get full time offers after the program was over.

In this program, these two go on an adventure where they learn even more about themselves and their passions. Vince Vaughn, who plays Billy McMahon, and Owen Wilson, who plays Nick Campbell, work with a team and are able to act as team leaders and team players. With crazy night outs and long nights studying, they were able to eventually bond as a team. They are able to teach the fellow interns about life advice and able to learn a lot themselves from these interns as well. Throughout the movie, the team was able to learn how to work together in order to win challenges and eventually are able to get full time offers from Google.

This movie is very relatable as it is similar to our own search for finding our goal in life. As we are entering into the workforce, we are also trying to figure out our interests, based on our successes and failures. This movie inspires people worldwide to never give up on your dreams and keep working to achieve your goals. Even with complications, and mean spirited coworkers, it is important to stay true to yourself.

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