The Pirates of Silicon Valley Movie Review

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The Pirates of Silicon Valley Movie Review

This movie emphasizes the negative qualities of two gentlemen who are now big names worldwide. Despite the unenthusiastic attitude of Steve Jobs to his team and co-founders, he still manages to uplift and give a renowned recognition to the Apple Company. On the other hand, Bill Gates also tries to put everyone down who are in the same business even though Microsoft is an underdog. Still, he survives and also makes Microsoft a threatening counterpart to Apple.

The movie highlighted on how Apple grabbed the idea of the Graphic User Interface from Xerox, how Microsoft purchased the first Disk Operating System from an underground programmer, and how Bill Gates developed Windows behind Steve Jobs’ back. For these reasons, the revolutionaries were depicted by the title movie itself as the Pirates of Silicon Valley. And I think, this was the reason why they are the richest person in the world.

What was really amazing about the film was that the two contenders actually worked together until Steve Jobs realized that Bill Gates developed Windows using the software that Apple had programmed for their computers. The movie is really interesting for it caters the audience not only the development of the two largest computer companies but also the curious students specially students studying computer-related courses. The character of Bill Gates was quite hard to understand and I just kept seeing him as that nerdy kid who is nuts about computers but the characters of Steve Jobs and Bill.

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