The Social Network – A Movie Review

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The Social Network – A Movie Review

The Social Network is an intriguing movie that tells the story of how Facebook came to be a popular social platform. The juicy scandals that have surrounded the platform since the very beginning are emphasized in the movie. This leaves viewers immediately hooked wanting to learn more.

One theme highlighted throughout the movie addresses our society’s infatuation with “success.” Scandals involving theft, betrayal, and humiliation illustrate how competitive the business world can get, the challenges entrepreneurs often face, and how far some are willing to go to accomplish their goals. In contrast, the movie may also serve as an expose in that it unveils some of the nasty truths behind the initial creation of the site.

Having originally been started to serve as a platform to not only rate girls but also to find out information on them, the Facebook of today has come back around full-circle. Now, Facebook knows about and owns large amounts of our personal data and online activity. Through the Facebook site, along with its other acquisitions like Instagram and WhatsApp, the company is able to track, use, and sell users information to generate large amounts of advertising revenue. This means that information about you, your likes and dislikes, your purchasing habits, your viewing habits, and more are being collected and viewed by others. This is concerning to some as they feel it is a violation of their privacy, and it is unknown as to how exactly the data is being traded and used.

Overall, the movie was very engaging and insightful. I would recommend that others watch it in order to gain more of a background knowledge of the company, its creator, and the others involved in bringing this powerhouse of a business to life. It also might help people shape more of a definite opinion towards the company. Whether it be a positive or a negative view is up to individuals to decide. I’m even more curious to hear other people’s views on the movie, the company, its background, and where it’s going after having watched this particular way of telling Facebook’s story.

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