Black Friday is Almost Here

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Black Friday is Almost Here

It is officially November which means fall candles, leaves changing, turkey stuffing and Black Friday. That’s right, the biggest day of the year for stores and extreme shoppers alike is coming up. The name “Black Friday” means that this is typically the first day of the year where most stores will start turning a profit, or make it to the “black”. Many shoppers don’t know where the name comes from but they do know that this is the best day of the year to buy the hottest technology gadgets and to get great deals on everything from sweaters to cars.

It is crucial for companies to have a successful Black Friday and most consumers save money all year so that they are prepared to give money to the store with the best deals. With a little under three weeks until the national event, what can brands be doing now to get consumers ready to shop either in stores or online when the day comes? In the next few minutes I will give a few ideas on what brands could be doing to start capitalizing on Black Friday. This post will be helpful to anyone with a retail business, small or large, who is looking to sell a large amount of inventory the day after Thanksgiving.

The first thing that stores could do would be to release their Black Friday sales ads ahead of time. This may be a commercial, newspaper or just simply posting their deals on the website but stores would be wise to tell consumers now what deals to expect on Black Friday. This strategy not only creates buzz for the store, but it also allows consumers to start planning what items they want to grab on event day. If they can start to develop their shopping plan with your store in mind before any other competing stores release their deals, this will ensure that you will see their business on event day.

In conjunction with releasing the sales ads ahead of time, stores and brands would be wise to start posting about their deals on social media two weeks ahead of the event. Two weeks is an adequate amount of time for customers to see what you’re offering, be reminded of the deals that will be going on and to finally plan to visit your store on the actual day. This will also allow them to see a visual of the items that will be offered and to examine them to determine if they actually want to visit the store on Black Friday. It would be wise to have the posts start two weeks before and to continue all the way through Black Friday. A continuous posting will encourage customers to check out the in-store offerings, hopefully before they visit any competitors.

Finally, stores would be wise to foster engagement with the customers that may be visiting the stores on Black Friday. This may look like a poll on a targeted advertisement, an empty box on the website or simply engaging content on social media that invites people to comment or share a post. If customers had an outlet to engage with the brand and tell the stores what they want to see on sale, profits would increase exponentially and products would fly off the shelf. Too many years have I gone into Target on Black Friday and really wanted to see sweaters half off, only to find $4 DVDs instead. If stores would engage with their social media followers to find out what deals customers really want to see, stores could sell products, customers would shop more and both sides would be happier.

Black Friday is the biggest day of the year for stores and shoppers alike. Stores would be wise to post their sales ads well in advance, use social media to promote their sales and to foster engagement online in order to find out what customers really want to see on event day. I personally am really looking forward to shopping for business professional clothing this year and I am already starting to examine the sales ads to figure out my plan of action for Black Friday. Stores, I hope you’re ready. Happy shopping.

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Abigail Miller

Abigail Miller

November 5, 2018at 9:09 am

I love black Friday, but it honestly sucks that they start so early every year now. I wish we could go back to how it started and have it only on Friday. I think advertisements are crucial in grabbing customers attention. Of course they need to have good deals to drive people in but how they advertise it is key.

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