The Internship- Movie Review #2

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The Internship- Movie Review #2

This movie was absolutely hilarious. Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson take on the acting roles throughout the film in such a clever and funny way. They make an incredible duo. After both lost their salesmen jobs, the search for a new occupation begins. Through many doubts and debacles later, the two interview and land a job, or should we say internship, at Google Headquarters where they will compete with other interns for a full-time position at the end of the summer. I found the way the movie portrayed Google to be very funny. The office building and company culture was not anything I had expected. The interns wore different colored beanies and t-shirts that read “Nooglers”  which is the name given to the group of interns. Also, the idea of nap pods to rest at work and a slide connecting the floors of the building was something no one would ever expect to see of a company like Google. Billy and Nick do in fact help us learn the process of growing up and becoming a “man” especially in the working and business world. We see the hardships and struggles they had to overcome. Towards the end of the film, Billy and Nick, although only in their 40’s was being treated much differently and almost overlooked compared to the younger interns. The two stay side by side as they anxiously come to this conclusion. Overall, I enjoyed this movie and love the chemistry that Owen and Vince have on the screen.

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