With Election Day Quickly Approaching, Taylor Swift is Making Sure You’re “Ready for It”

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With Election Day Quickly Approaching, Taylor Swift is Making Sure You’re “Ready for It”

Aside from prompting fans to believe she may be an Alabama fan when she released a new song over the loud speakers at one of their games in 2017, Taylor Swift has not outwardly proclaimed any of her political beliefs. However, with U.S. Elections slated for Tuesday, November 6th, Swift has spent the previous four weeks publicly encouraging the vote via her social media platforms.

Swift started her campaign to spread awareness on October 7th, posting a black and white photo captioned with her political beliefs, who she is voting for, and a message urging people to educate themselves on who is running and exercise their right to vote. Since then, Swift has been posting pictures of fans who voted early on her Instagram story every day. On October 17th, she posted another PSA about early voting, and posted a picture posing in front of a Phil Bresden sign on October 30th stating that she and her mother had voted for him.

Though politics are a controversial topic, I have been excited to see Swift and other notable celebrities using their platforms to encourage voting. Given that millennials are the least likely generation to vote, Swift has an especially strong ability to persuade young voters to go out to the polls, as a large percentage of her fanbase belongs to this generation. Though many of us would like to see people voting on their own accord as opposed to voting because Taylor Swift did or so they had a chance to get on her Instagram story, it is still an overall positive movement, in my opinion. One issue that could come from this, though, is fans hastily voting without looking up the opponents in their states simply as an attempt to be showcased by Swift.

Swift has opened herself up to possible hate and criticism as a result of sharing her political beliefs, which is also important to note in this situation. She is a prime example of a celebrity using his or her platform to spread important information and better society, which is commendable given just how much she is in the public eye. From her last album she has shown us that she is not worried about her Reputation, and her announcements about voting fit in perfectly with her self-assured vibe.

Whether you hope to be featured on Taylor Swift’s Instagram or not, I hope you make it out to the polls this Tuesday and vote in the elections!

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