Consumers Become Athletes with Under Armour

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Consumers Become Athletes with Under Armour

Now days, consumers research virtually every product online before purchasing. This tactic is no longer limited to big ticket items, such as cars or houses, but now people research things as small as shampoo brands. So, how to brands stay on top amongst all of the clutter on the internet? The answer is user generated content. Great campaigns utilize the power of UGC to engage users so that they like, react and share. Under Armour has successfully utilized UGC for the purpose of storytelling and to promote the hashtag #WEWILL.

Choosing to partner user content side-by-side with celebrity athlete endorsements encourages consumers to take Under Armour fitness to the next level. It gives way to the philosophy of train like an pro athlete, become a pro athlete. “#WillMakesUsFamily”


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Luke Miltner

Luke Miltner

November 5, 2018at 11:54 am

I love this idea because it makes everyone feel included in the product– it becomes more than a product actually. While people may realize the massive (or not-so massive gaps) between their athleticism and that of the pro athletes who also sport Under Armour gear, it is a big deal for the company to make both parties feel catered to and worthy while representing the brand.

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