How Online Advertising is Shaping the Way Companies View Diversity

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How Online Advertising is Shaping the Way Companies View Diversity

Every company has a webpage in today’s day and age. Whether it’s used for selling, informing, or advertising other companies, websites are an integral part in the way the modern consumer views and strategizes their purchasing decisions.

But an ever-increasing trend in the modern consumers purchasing decisions has correlated with the corporate social responsibility and diversity efforts of that company. It is no longer enough to have a website with the basics of the companies decisions and company information on it. Allstate, Apple, and other Fortune 100 companies all have pages dealing with their different measures and examinations of their diversity efforts.

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It has become common practice to champion efforts on social media, websites, and other avenues of how diverse and inclusive a company’s culture is. It almost seems that it’s less important as to how the company operates, as to how diverse it is.

But on the other side, if a company creates their image with a diversity and inclusion mindset in mind. It makes them look more open, and increases their company profile and image, throughout their website. Many websites either have a fully elaborated and expansive diversity page; or they have no mention of it, or its just mediocre.

It can be both a strength and a weakness depending on how it is used. Online presence has extended to corporate responsibility and has affected the way that we see companies.

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