Millie Bobby Brown: A Young Style Icon

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Millie Bobby Brown: A Young Style Icon

Even though I love movies, music, and TV, I’ve realized that I don’t follow celebrities on social media as much as other people do. While looking at my friends’ Instagram feeds, I’ve found countless posts from actors, musicians, athletes, and other famous individuals. To this day, however, I’ve only ever followed one celebrity on social media: Millie Bobby Brown.

After watching Stranger Things, my interest was peaked: who was this girl who was brave enough to shave her head for a TV show? I found her on Instagram, and was surprised by how cool her account was. At only 14 years old, she’s managed to create a pretty solid brand image for herself. Her style is far edgier than anything I ever pulled off at her age, and she’s done everything from modelling to being a brand ambassador for Sims.

Even though she’s 7 years younger than me, I get little tidbits of clothing inspiration from her posts. Apart from style, however, the young celebrity also posts about social issues and causes. She is always advocating for women, and has taken part in things like World Children’s Day with Unicef as well as the March for our Lives.

It’s pretty cool to see someone so young be so passionate. Keep it up, Millie Bobby Brown!

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