Starbucks Will Rule the World

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Starbucks Will Rule the World

My dad LOVED Starbucks when I was growing up. I remember going into the Starbucks by my house every morning. He was greeted by name, and they had his order memorized… we all did. Grande two equal latte. At the time, my siblings and I would make fun of him for needing his morning fuel. I want to say that in the last 20 years, something has changed, but not quite. Last year for Christmas, he asked for the limited edition metal Starbucks card. If there were a platinum status, he would have it. When I was little, I would go in with him and order a plain poundcake for myself. I remember when they discontinued the plain poundcake. I was shook. I continued to ask for it in hopes that it would return to the menu by popular demand. To my dismay, the plain poundcake never resurrected. This was when I realized for the first time that the world indeed does not revolve around me.

That being said, as an adult, I’ve been more of a tea drinker. That is until this past summer. I did an internship this summer that had me getting to the office around 8am every morning. There just so happened to be a Starbucks across the street from my office and three on the walking commute. After a week on the job, I knew just the right moment on my walk to work to order my coffee on the Starbucks app. Grande vanilla soy latte, and a nitro cold brew on a really bad day. I’ve since looked at my order history on the app to see how often I ordered Starbucks on the way to work. There was only one week in which I ordered Starbucks less than four out of the five mornings. I was never a big Starbucks person myself before this summer, so I was unaware that I was receiving awards. I was thrilled one day to discover that I have eleven free coffees at my disposal. Eventually, I was, deservedly, awarded gold status. Now, I see it as a competition. And I am acutely aware of the fact that Starbucks is preying on my desire to maintain my status. The app offers me game and challenges to receive higher quantities of points for my purchase. Last week, they challenged me to buy six coffees, and in return, I would receive 125 stars. Of course I participated, and yes, I received that 125 bonus stars.

My friend that also uses that Starbucks app was recently robbed of her gold status. Now, I’m really on edge. I just checked to make sure that this would not happen to me. Turns out, if I earned 0 stars from now until April 2019, my gold status would still renew for another year at that time. That indicates to me that I need to cool it, I think.

But, its a game now, and I want to win. Well played, Starbucks, well played.

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