Super Smash Takes a Tell-all Marketing Approach

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Super Smash Takes a Tell-all Marketing Approach

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Marketing dances along a funny line when it comes to showing your hand; it’s not often marketers bare everything when promoting a product.

Movie trailers, for instance, would never show the plot twist or ending, nor would a good book. In fact, people go to great lengths to avoid spoiling the story before they get there. Marketers, rather, reveal just enough to strike intrigue and then call it quits—leaving the consumer craving more.


Masahiro Sakurai, however, has a different idea of what marketing looks like—for video games at least. The producer for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, a classic fighting game with a new title coming December 7th, has (as of last Thursday) officially revealed every character and stage for the upcoming game.


Considering the typical approach to video games, Sakurai has used his media outlets in a revolutionarily different way. Granted, fighting games have different appeals that single-player RPG’s, however, it is not every day that you see every detail of a game released prior to the game entering the public market.


This show-all technique, while unorthodox, is really rather genius when given consideration. While there is potential draw in the mystery of unlockable characters, the title is practically a Nintendo highlight reel and should be treated as such. With 74 playable, unique characters, it boasts fighters from a slew of very different Nintendo games, and fosters a sense of nostalgia and greatness surrounding the company. What better way to generate excitement, therefore, than to let players know that their favorite character or map from their beloved series will be making an appearance in a legendary video game?


Given this approach, Sakurai has made the choice to also let select groups of people demo the game and post the gameplay. This has resulted in a college tour around the country, allowing students to give it a try, as well as select pro tournaments being recorded and other Nintendo employees posting gameplay footage. Media on the game, therefore, is all over the place; you can practically watch any characters or get any information you want online about the game.


The only thing you can’t do at this point is actually play it yourself.


The title, after all though, technically hasn’t revealed ~everything~. There is a single player mode with a storyline that has not been revealed, however, any fan of the series will know that solo play is far from the focus of Super Smash Bros.—historically, at least. For now, we will all have to rely on the plethora of YouTube gameplay and patiently wait to get our hands on the game December 7th.

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Garrett Broxson

Garrett Broxson

November 6, 2018at 10:09 am

I agree and think that Smash has taken a great approach with their buildup to release. Super Smash Bros is already a historic franchise, and players already know essentially what to expect. Therefore, not reveling aspects of the game in order to build suspense is not really an effective way to market to this fanbase. Rather, give the fans every reason possible to buy this game .

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