The New Safari Feature That Is Wreaking Havoc For Marketers

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The New Safari Feature That Is Wreaking Havoc For Marketers

The newest update to Apple’s Safari browser came with an unwelcome change for marketers. A new feature called “Intelligent Tracking Prevention”, or “ITP 2”, has been rolled out and is causing major problems. The new software prevents marketers from tracking Safari users’ cookies. This has massive implications when it comes to tracking return on investment, attribution, and many other extremely useful data points. Over 50% of mobile internet users in the U.S. use Safari. Unlike the past version of ITP, ITP 2 does not have any third-party workarounds offered by Google and other tech companies.


While Apple makes enemies in the advertising world, they continue to solidify their reputation of protecting their customers’ privacy. This behavior quells the fears of privacy encroachment for a, both by corporate and government entities.


I have mixed feelings about this feature. On one hand, I am all for my own privacy. In a time where we have trackable devices on our person at all times, we should be extremely conscious about how organizations are using the data we are feeding them. On the other hand, as a marketer, I am frustrated that simple marketing functions such as remarketing are being made impossible by this technology. Apple is protecting its customers, but from what? Ads? I completely understand and advocate the right to delete cookies and maintain all forms of privacy, but I think it should be up to consumers. I think many consumers are fine with targeted ads, as they are much more pertinent to their lives. I’ll be interested to see if Apple continues to tamper with marketers’ ability to use cookies and other data points that are vital for a multitude of marketing functions

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