Trending Now: Video Edition

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Trending Now: Video Edition

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Successful marketing tactics are ever-changing. To be successful marketers, companies have to know each and every trend out there, and how to utilize it successfully. They have to keep up with our fast-paced world. So what’s the best marketing tactic right now? Videos. Every single company needs to understand and implement video marketing across their platforms, whether that be email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. It needs to happen.

Statistics do not lie. Videos are more remembered because they provide a visual, a story, and are easier to remember than words explaining a product or a service. However, there are definitely some key tactics to successful video marketing. It needs to be eye-catching and short. Marketers have less than 7 seconds to catch their consumers’ attention and that is crucial. It needs to be quality content and made with quality equipment. People want the good stuff! A video needs to be authentic and personal. People want to feel connected to the brand in their own way. It also needs to be smoothly implemented with other content and implemented on the right channel. Diversified content is key so that consumers do not get bored. For example, implementing a video with a tweet is a great tactic. Length and topic is also very important per platform. Companies should not post the same video on their Instagram and Facebook. They are two platforms that call for different audiences, different goals, and therefore require differentiated content. Lastly, videos need to be mobile. Consumers watch and share videos on their phones all day long. If a video is not compatible on a phone, it might as well not be a video at all.

This all seems like a bunch of work and this is not an extensive list, but the success of video marketing is rapidly increasing and does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Companies are realizing that video marketing is going to be more than just trending now!

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