7 Ways to Use LinkedIn in 2018

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7 Ways to Use LinkedIn in 2018

LinkedIn isn’t everyone’s favorite social media vehicle, but it has become a necessary tool for business minds today. It is used to connect professionals with others as well as opportunities to grow in their careers. For some, the platform is confusing to navigate and understand, so I have decided to make it easier:

1. Digital Resume

LinkedIn is the one and only website where you can leave your entire digital resume. It gives you the option to upload a pdf version as well (which I recommend). Show off every side project and professional gig that you’ve ever worked on.

Pro tip: Share experiences outside of your niche to show employers that you’re a well rounded person. For example, I work full-time in social media but my website is my online hub, so it’s highlighted on my resume.

2. Network With Old Colleagues and Professors

Add all of your old professors on LinkedIn. Professors know the industry and are often connected to industry professionals near and far. Adding old colleagues and professors opens you up to their network without you having to say much. Someone might consider you for a position just based on the mere fact that you’re connected to one of their fave college professors.

Pro tip: Get that professor or colleague to write you an endorsement.

3. Share Professional Articles

Are you a social media pro? Share links to your well written professional articles via LinkedIn. Writing is the easiest way to get ahead of the game.

4. Job Opportunities

Most job listings never get posted, so it’s important to add to your profile.

5. Lurk on Dream Employer(s)

Forget lurking on your ex’s snapchat account and go for what’s really important: your dream job. LinkedIn is the perfect place to find information about your dream employer along with the amazing people that work there.

Pro tip: Search for your dream employer then connect with at least 1 person that works there. If you’re an overachiever, find the head of HR or recruiting and start digging.

6. Look for New Job

Are you over your current position? Use LinkedIn to ask people in your network about their jobs. Double check about job postings, job satisfaction, and any other burning questions. It’s easier to get a job when you know someone at the company, so use that network.

7. Get Active in Groups

This is a great way to network organically. Find groups of interests and contribute to the dialogue. Don’t see a group of interest? Create your own and moderate!


That’s a wrap! I hope that this article helped you to realize that LinkedIn is actually pretty easy to use and extremely useful. Learning how to manipulate and use this tool can ultimately help you grow your network and unlock potential opportunities.

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