Amazon Has a Social Network?

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Amazon Has a Social Network?

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You heard it! For better or worse Amazon has their very own social media platform called Spark. But why would Amazon want to launch a social network? To increase their own sales and strengthen their ecosystem of course. Now I am not so sure if it will catch on but it is certainly an interesting marketing approach. The social network is within Amazon’s own app and sign-up is contained within it as well. Basically the idea behind the network is to facilitate conversations about Amazon and its products within the ecosystem of Amazon versus outside of their ecosystem on another social media platform.

The network allows people to share products, ideas, discover and shop in a community of people with similar interests. After joining Spark the user is asked to specify five interests to follow in order for a relevant news feed to be created. Users than scroll through their feed shopping for items that they like.

Personally, while a cool idea, I think this will crash and burn. The experience is too similar to Amazon’s existing store which is very easy to use. In its online store, people share reviews and items you might like are already suggested to you. While novel, I do not see Spark taking off.


Kellyn Archambeau

Kellyn Archambeau

November 6, 2018at 9:57 am

Interesting, I hadn’t heard about Spark. I agree with you though, their existing services kind of render a social platform useless. I wonder if they’ve started advertising it? I find it strange I haven’t seen anything about it.

Caroline Young

Caroline Young

November 6, 2018at 10:20 am

It does not surprise me that Amazon started a social network. It would surprise me if they came out with anything. It seems to be Amazon is taking over everything consumable. They do a good job of planning when where and how to come out with new products or services generally, but I’m not sure about this idea. Although it would be a good time for them to come out with a social network, simply because they haven’t seen anything new and exiciting in terms of platforms recently I think they missed the mark here. Amazon already has a feature to talk about products and services. Also, when people log into social channels, the idea is to talk, be social, or learn. Generally not to review products.

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