Black Friday

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Black Friday

Since the early 2000’s, the day after thanksgiving has been widely known as “Black Friday.” This day that is now referred to as Black Friday has been the mark of the start of Christmas shopping since the 1950’s. Black Friday is known to be very hectic and flooded with shoppers trying to get the sales and deals. These deals used to start at 12 am or 2 am, but in the past four years some of these sales have started on the actual day of thanksgiving around 6 pm. With the change of time, many dedicated Black Friday shoppers have found these time changes very unpleasing and many have stopped going to the annual sale because of it. With this uncanny time change and the rise of e-commerce, companies have found themselves not turning as much profit on Black Friday as years past.

This decrease in spending in brick and mortars on Black Friday is concerning for many companies, as the coined term has a meaning and reason more than just identifying the day. Black Friday is a term coined for the large sale, because companies use this day to get their company out of the red and into the black. Meaning, companies use marketing and sales to draw in large amounts of shoppers to turn a profit for them (from red to black). While most large retailers now have an e-commerce site for their products which allows them to participate in cyber Monday, many struggle to compete with other online sites such as Amazon. So not only are they large retailers losing Black Friday participants they are losing them to week-to-week online shopping they are losing them to other e-commerce sites on Cyber Monday.

While in recent years, Black Friday profits have decreased, it is still a very high volume of profit and still proves to bring companies from the red to black. While I hope that in coming years retailers will push back the times to actual Black Friday again, I will continue to join my mom and cousin for our annual Black Friday trip for a fun time.

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Alexandra Fairley

Alexandra Fairley

November 6, 2018at 12:49 pm

I would be interested to see how their numbers look over the entire month or so Black Friday deals are advertised. I think companies are seeming to lose profit because the purchasing are being spread over a wider and wider time frame, so on the actual Black Friday day, people have already gotten their deals.

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