Changing the Chamber- Week Eight

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Changing the Chamber- Week Eight

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I have been working at the Athens Area Chamber of Commerce as the “new” Social Media Coordinator for about three months now. Time really does fly when you are having fun. Though I enjoy this position, it can also be stressful when I think of ideas for content and they don’t pan out. I am constantly trying to think of new ways we can improve our content and gain more followers.

For Instagram, I have mastered story content but am struggling for actual feed content, which is really more important. We have not had any ribbon cuttings or events for me to post about, and all of my other content ideas have not panned out. I know that I need to start making some changes to my strategy and focusing on different types of content to post than what I originally wanted to. This past week, I posted a  Halloween graphic on our Instagram story that encouraged people to tag us in their pictures for a chance to be featured on our page. I wanted to share fun pictures of our members on our feed, but I only got a couple of tags and those were not suitable for our page. I also posted a story congratulating the UGA football team on clinching the title of SEC East Champions. One part of the story was a graphic that the UGA football team account posted and the other was a post link to a video they posted with Kirby Smart celebrating in the locker room with his players. It is a very hype and hilarious video that I thought would make us look more fun for sharing. I know that I have struggled with our Instagram feed, but I do have some more ideas for this week and into the future that hopefully will pan out.


On Facebook, I posted the same Halloween graphic and also encouraged people to tag us in their pictures for a chance to be featured on our page. I got hardly any responses on Facebook, as well. I am excited to learn more about Facebook algorithms next semester in the Digital Marketing Analytics class because I can see that we are not getting as much reach as we should be. Some posts also get much more than others, which I would like to fix. I also need to find a way to get our followers to become more interactive because that will also help our posts, and page, get more attention. I have still been doing daily new member posts because we have several new members join every week. I also posted about a new offer for a health insurance plan available to all Chamber members. That post is both informative and will hopefully showcase an example of some of the special benefits that our members receive that will influence non-members to want to join. I also posted a great article about one of our members, Beau Shell, and his business ventures. I am constantly looking for ways to showcase our members and show our support, and this article was a great to do both.

On Linked In, I posted the same article about Beau and his business. I also posted about our upcoming Diversity Summit that we are helping sponsor alongside the Georgia Chamber of Commerce. I am still struggling to gain followers on LinkedIn. I assume that most people still do not realize that they are following the wrong LinkedIn page, but I have plans to change that soon.

I have definitely had some recent struggles in this position, but I have come up with some ways to overcome them and am excited to move forward in this position. I do not want our social media to be good, I want it to be great, and that is going to take some great ideas.

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