EDO Stealing the Show?

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EDO Stealing the Show?

EDO is a startup that analyzes media and works with companies, and they may be well on their way up. They are dually based in New York and Los Angeles. The founders formerly worked at CNBC Digital and Kensho, an analytics company that was later sold to S&P Global. They work with advertisers, agencies, and TV networks to enhance marketing efforts and track consumer behavior. Traditionally TV advertising is not trackable to a single consumer, but they are working to change this. The founders of EDO plan to track consumers search and brand engagement in relation to what they watch on TV.

Although TV advertising is a very profitable industry it is still hard to connect this to the consumer and see the ad’s reach and impact. To combat this inconsistency, EDO is introducing machine learning that will make it possible to see the relation between consumer behavior and TV watching tendencies. They are able to use artificial intelligence to clarify the data they gain in research. They have recently gained $12 million of funding from Breyer Capital will help them further this research and implementation.

This is a growing area in the marketing and advertising world, and I believe it will not fade away quickly. Many other startups will likely follow suit soon and in a few years TV advertising may be completely integrated between agencies and networks. This will be a very interesting change in the industry and I think EDO is trail blazing the way there.

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